Monday, 2 May 2016


When I was in primary school - aged around 10-11 years of age - I had three best friends, Barry, Ben and Tom (who is still my good friend 20 years later).

The four of us loved sport, especially football and we were all half decent at it. (We're all in the photo above. Barry is the one in red with his hand on the trophy, Tom is behind him and Ben is to Barry's right. Can you tell which one is me?). But Barry was one of those annoying people that seemed to be good at everything he tried, whether it be football, swimming, running, tennis, cricket, dancing, drawing, etc etc. And maybe we could have been jealous of him but we weren't! Partly because he was a friendly, smily kind of kid, but also because I had no reason to be. At that age life was great. I had nothing to worry about. I did well at school, I had plenty of friends, I was in the football team, captain of the swimming team and the girl I liked, liked me too.

Except there was one thing that I was a little jealous of. Barry could do a somersault! I remember thinking it was just about the coolest thing that you could do. Back then I remember wishing I could do it too and now, well now I'm probably more jealous of his complete lack of fear. I mean, what if you try to do a somersault but end up face planting hard on the ground or landing funny and breaking your neck! But you don't worry about that when you're 10, at least Barry didn't.

And the thing is that I'm not someone who is controlled by fear. There are of course things that frighten me and I'm obviously a lot more cautious that I was in my youth. However, I have actually done a number of things in the last couple of years or so, that have pushed me out of my comfort zone. I've travelled alone, hitchhiked home (200miles), shaved my head, eaten jellied eels and entered an air guitar competition (and not come last).

But attempting to do/learning to do a somersault is different. There is no way I could just do it without training (somewhere safe). I'd 100% definitely end up seriously hurting myself if I simply attempted to do one in the school playground - a 2min walk from my parents house - where Barry used to do it. Not that I would ever try!

But then that's ok because I have an alternative. A more scary than it really ought to be but a lot safer alternative. I have a 7 year old niece who my parents spoil and so there is one of those giant garden trampolines in their garden. It's been there since last summer but because I've not been home too many times recently and because when I have been up the weather has been... well, it's Wales, so you can probably guess how the wether has been. Therefore, although it's been there nearly a year, I haven't had the chance to go on it... until now that is!

I recently had a week off work and I went up to Wales to catch up with my family and friends and finally play on that trampoline (the first time I will have been on a trampoline since I was a small child).

So I thought, while I'm here, why not give doing a somersault a try? What's the worst that can happen? The trampoline will give me the extra spring I need - I've always been a bit lacking in any natural spring and also any that I did have as a child, has certainly left me by now haha - and if I don't land on my feet - let's face it what's the chances of me actually landing on my feet? - I'll have a fairly soft landing.

Now, although I was looking forward to having my first go on the trampoline, when I first went up to Wales I had no intention of trying to do a somersault. Not until my niece told me, that the first time my brother in law Craig had a go on the trampoline, he had attempted to do one. She also said he was naughty and that you're not allowed to do it.

There was even a sign warning you of the dangers:

Well of course that was like a red rag to a bull. To hell with health and safety! As soon as I was told I wasn't allowed to do it, I instantly wanted to haha. Also - and more importantly - if Craig had a go then so must I! Competitive? Me? No! haha But the fact that he had done it, started me thinking about primary school and my friend Barry and I very quickly made up my mind. I'm going to get on that trampoline and try to do a somersault!

So one day my niece came around to play with her "craaazzzy uncle Anthony":

and it was time to give it a go!

So here it is, a video of me attempting to do a somersault for the first time ever. I've never even attempted to do one into a swimming pool before:


So it probably comes as no surprise that it wasn't the biggest success. Not only did I get nowhere near to landing on my feet, I also managed to graze both of my elbows and hurt my back. It turns out that there is a warning on there for a reason after all haha. But at least I gave it a go! It was fun, if a little weird to be upside down and slightly scary because I knew I wasn't going to land correctly. But who knows, maybe if I practice again the next time I'm up - work on my technique and be a little braver - I might just be able to nail it? Unlikely! To be fair it's probably quite unlikely that I'll ever try to do it again haha. But even if I never do manage to do it, I had a great time with my niece and I will be back on that trampoline again and again because just bouncing up and down on it is so much fun. Much more fun than it feels it should be.

Happy trampolining everybody!

Ps. Don't try this at home. Well do but not because I did. It's not my fault if you hurt yourself :)

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