Monday, 14 March 2016

Travel outside of Europe

I always wanted to travel but I never made it a priority. I also never earned enough money for it to be much of a possibility. In the last few years however, that has begun to change. I have started to travel a lot more than before. In the last 5 years have been to Scotland, Greece, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Ireland and most recently to Portugal. I have had some amazing adventures, several of which I have written about on my travel blog: aroundtheworldin80mugs. And over the next few years I hope to continue to use my passport as much as I can.

But despite all of my recent travels, there is still one thing - I am slightly embarrassed - that I have yet to do. However, this summer I will be doing something very special. Something that was on my original Year31Project list. This summer I will finally travel outside of Europe for the first time!

Over the weekend I booked my flights to go and see my friends in Bali in August (and so much more!!!). I'm so excited!

My good friend Katherine - who I met many moons ago when I was working part time and studying for my BA degree in Wrexham, North Wales - her partner Eddie and their little girl Lily have been living out in Bali since November 2014 and I am so happy that at last I have the money to make the trip.

I am literally so excited I don't think I'm going to sleep for the next 5 months! It is going to be an amazing adventure. Myself - and my girlfriend Liliana for part of the trip - will be travelling around South East Asia, taking in several beauty spots and vibrant cities in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, before ending our trip with 7-10 days (the details aren't completely ironed out yet) in beautiful Bali with my wonderful friends!

I'm so excited in fact, that I've already bought my swim shorts! :)

Plus of course, it's not going to stop there! Next stop, I plan to finally visit New York and then fingers crossed, at some point soon - hopefully sometime next year - I would love to visit my aunt and uncle in Trinidad. Watch out rest of the world, here I come haha.

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