Monday, 21 September 2015


I recently found myself in Dublin. Not the kind of, I woke up with a banging headache and no idea how I got there, found myself in Dublin. More the kind of, I had a few days off work and went to Dublin with my girlfriend, kind of found myself in Dublin.

I liked Dublin. I wouldn't say I loved Dublin. Not the way that I have loved other cities, such as Copenhagen, Krakow or Split, but I had a great time and I would highly recommend a visit (just not as much as a trip to Copenhagen haha).

While we were there, we found this lovely little seafood restaurant called KLAW.

KLAW is the "cheeky love child" of Dublin Lobster and is a cool, cosy little place with wonderful food and great service, that is aimed at "bringing' crabshack dining to the city". I couldn't possibly recommend KLAW strongly enough. If you're in Dublin and you enjoy seafood, then it is an absolute must! When we there, we ordered the seafood platter to share between the two of us.

I think that seafood has to be by far and away my favourite type food. I love prawns and lobster, crab, whitebait, salmon, octopus and probably my outright favourite: calamari. If calamari is on the menu, then it's absolutely pointless asking me what I'm having for my starter. I don't even see the other options.

Despite my love of seafood, there was however, something that up until that weekend in Dublin, I had never tried and if I'm being honest, had never really planned on trying. But this is the Year31Project and seeing as I have eaten Kangaroo, Jellied Eels and and even a Caterpillar, then it was probably about time, that I got around to eating my first ever oyster.

And although it wasn't something I planned to do or even really chose to do. The platter we ordered came with lobster, crab, prawns and four big oysters. So, what better chance was I going to have. It was time to try an oyster for the first time.

So here goes! Here's a little video of me eating my first ever oyster. (It really shouldn't haven't have taken me until I was nearly 32 haha):


So as you can maybe make out form the video, it was alright. A lot better than I thought but then I was almost expecting it to be as bad as the Jellied Eels. But it wasn't, it was actually fairly pleasant. And although the second one - Liliana didn't want any, so I had all four haha - got stuck at the back of my mouth for a moment and made me feel a little bit sick for a second. And although I'm not sure I would purposely order them again. They were quite nice and I would happily eat them again. I'm just not sure I would knowingly pay for the pleasure.

Happy eating or

Ps. You can read more about my trip to Dublin and my other trips including Lisbon and Croatia on my travel blog: (if you so wanted).

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