Monday, 22 December 2014


Getting a piercing. Something that you do when you're 14 - 18 and testing the waters, pushing barriers or simply trying to provoke a reaction from your over protective parents.

I flirted with the idea of getting my eyebrow pierced when I was a teenager but I was too scared of a) the pain b) what people would think & c) how my mum would react. & so I never got one. But it appears that the time has come at the grand old age of 31 to get my first piercing. Now I had my reservations. I'm no longer too concerned about the pain or what other people will think but I am still a little concerned about upsetting my mum. Also 31 is surely too old to be getting your first piercing? Well not if David Dimbleby can get his first tattoo at 75, no after seeing that getting my first piercing at 31 doesn't seem so bad.

Now the plan was to get a piercing for my 30th birthday but that idea was postponed due to all the swimming I was doing.

But over a year of putting it off later, I've decided that it can't wait any longer. It is finally time to stop putting it off and as a Christmas present to myself I'm getting that piercing!

In my mind there has always been 4 options.

1. (tongue) frenulum

When I first saw a picture of this a few weeks before my 30th birthday I thought "wow that's what I want for my birthday" in the passing weeks and then months I definitely cooled on this idea. One big positive of this piercing is that it is hidden. It is also a little unusual and therefore really cool. The negative however - or my concern - is that it is in a bit of delicate place and so not only will it probably hurt like hell but it could also potentially affect my speech - I don't know if this is a genuine concern? - but my voice is very important as a writer, performer and educator and I really don't want to mess up my speech unnecessarily. Ps. don't google frenulum. You're already doing it aren't you?

2. nose

Nose piercings are pretty cool but are very visible, usually seen on girls and I don't know if I could pull it off? Would it fit in with my student-esque style?

3. septum

I used to think that this was a pretty awful place to have a piercing but I've been corrupted (by my ex-girlfriend) and I now really like it. Not on everyone but some people look really cool with it. Especially pretty girls who have an otherwise more fashionista (straight laced) less alternative look. I don't know if I described that very well - like the girl in the photograph above - but I like the juxtaposition of the piercing against the more clean cut fashion style. Again this piercing is very visible and although I would like to think that I'm cool enough to pull it off in a juxtaposing against my clean cut image kind of way, I would probably just look stupid and even more of a hipster than I already do.

Which leads me to the final and safest of the four options.

4. ear.

So I wanted to get one of the other piercings done but I bottled out a little and I got my ear pierced instead. The ear piercing. The training wheels of the piercing world. I can hear you from here: "Big deal! You got your ear pierced." But you know what, I've never had a piercing before and so it was quite a scary experience. And yes I could have gone for one somewhere a bit more visible and "risque" but this is about doing things I've never done before. And so here it is. Me with my new piercing :)


Haha did I fool you? I was going to bottle out and get my ear done but I thought if I'm going to get a piercing I'm probably only going to do it once so I should do it properly and I should get the one that I want. So there it is. Me with my new nose piercing :)

Now... what shall I do next? haha don't worry mum I'm not going to get anything else pierced. And no there won't be any tattoos. They're fine on everyone else but I really don't see the appeal.


ps. yes it does hurt. Not too much - less than I thought it might - but my eyes definitely watered.