Monday, 20 October 2014

Shave my head

Don't worry people. Yes I do appear to be going through something of an early midlife crisis but no I haven't gone all Britney on you. No, shaving my head was on my original list of things I'd never done before. I'll tell you for why and it isn't because it's something that I've always wanted to do.

When I was around 14 I had a very brave mouth that would regularly go on about how I was going to shave my head. I would tell all my friends and anybody else who would listen that I was going to shave my head on the weekend but then come Monday morning I would have to go back into school with my tail between my legs and the same curtains, gelled up quiff or other equally bad hair style - that was somehow fashionable at the upper end of the 90's - that I had had on the Friday afternoon. This happened a lot! Too many times for someone who was meant to be intelligent. But here's the thing: each time I said it I meant it! I genuinely thought that I would go through with it and shave off my locks but in the end I was just too scared to get it done. I was even too scared to get it done during the school holidays. & so never ended up getting it done. Lots of my friends did it at one time or another. But although I've had a number of different hairstyles over the years.

Including this lovely bowl cut:

these highly fashionable curtains:

that time when I got highlights:

& it being really quite long at some point:

One of the things that I've never done with my hair is to shave it all off.

But why have I been so scared? Well there were two main reasons. I have always been a bit concerned about how it would look. When I was in school in particular, I was worried about what the girls would think. Even before my hair started to recede - a good reason to have done this a lot sooner - I've always had a fairly decent sized forehead. An Ant McPartlin sized forehead maybe? Secondly, I was also always quite worried about what my mum would say. When I recently told her I was going to shave my head she told me how I was going to look like an uneducated thug. So yeah as a 14 year old I was definitely more than a little concerned about what she might say or do. But now that I'm 30, I can shave my head if I want to without having to worry - too much - about her reaction.

But that's the thing: "if I want to" because of course I haven't wanted to since I was in school and even then I'm not sure how much I wanted to and how much it would have been for "appearances" - to appear cool, edgy or "hard"? And I don't want to do it now! Why else would I keep bottling out? You see I've been saying that I was going to do it for a whole year now. I managed to put it off for a fair few months by saying that I was going to do it when I was up in Edinburgh in August, but again just like when I was still in school, I bottled it. The plan was to do it live on stage as part of my Year31Projsct show. Which sounded like a a great idea at the time. However, once I was up there I realised two things: 1. it didn't fit into the show.  2. I was too scared.

However, as I have never shaved my head before and as it is something that scares me, it is something that is absolutely perfect for the Year31Project and so it just had to be done! I bottled it all those years ago when I was a scared little 14 year old and so it was probably about time that I put that right and shaved my hair off. Even if I wished I had done it before my hair started to recede at the temples, I owed it to my 14 year old self to finally get around to it.

So here it is. For the first time ever the hair on my chin is longer than the hair on my head.




Well I said I was going to shave my head. I never said that I was going to have a skin head. This is a grade 3 which I think is more than short enough! So what do you reckon? Maybe I should keep it like this? No, I'm not so sure about that either haha but it is 1000 times better than I thought it would be. And heaven forbid that if I do go bald one day, I'm no longer too concerned about how it is going to look.

Although upon seeing a photo my sister said that with the beard I remind her of:

Which I'm not sure is much of a compliment haha

Then - after my little haircut - as a thank you to my friends Sophia, Cristina and Constanze I cooked - what somehow turned out to be - a rather nice curry. Another first. I've never cooked a curry before. It wasn't all that long ago that I wouldn't eat curry and now I'm cooking it! I'm a changed man :)

Here is a little pic of my master piece:

So all in all it was a pretty fun day and my hair doesn't look half as bad as I thought it might. What was I so scared about all those years?


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