Monday, 27 October 2014

Graffiti (an update)

So the most brilliant thing happened today!

I received an email from my ex-girlfriend. In itself not something that I would usually term brilliant.

On average I receive around 25 emails a day, 20 of which are spam (although spam I have for one reason or another signed up for) 2 or 3 that are of some importance and usually of some annoyance to myself and then another couple that are in some way helpful or useful to me. Very rarely are any of these emails brilliant in anyway.

It's also fairly rare that I get an email from my ex-girlfriend and although she is a lovely and rather hilarious young woman, as is the nature of breakups, the emails have not always been of the "Hi, how are you?" variety. However, the email that I received today was well and truly at the top of the class for brilliant emails and it completely made my day!

Almost a year ago now, on the morning of the 5th November, the day after my 30th birthday and a day that would have been our 4th anniversary - had we not gone through a horrendous (at least for me) breakup 6 months before - I travelled the length of London on two night buses to do this:

You can read the full and wonderful story behind the sheep image above by clicking here:
read me, read me, read me.

And then today my ex emailed me this photograph:

Now incase you can't tell what is happening in this photograph: the "work of art" that I have decided to name 'I love ewe' is stencilled onto a wall around the back of the Chelsea Old Town Hall (a famous wedding venue). & in this photograph - kindly sent to me by my ex - a bride and groom are having their photograph taken in front of it! A BRIDE and GROOM are having their picture taken with my terrible attempt at graffiti hahahahah how amazing is that!

Now when my ex first saw 'I love ewe' on the morning of the 5th of November 2013 when the special sheep friendly paint was still fresh she of course couldn't believe the coincidence - there was obviously a reason I chose the image of a sheep. If you're still in the dark then do read the full story here - and emailed me to tell me about it. Most likely more than half convinced I would tell her that she hadn't gone mad and it was of course me who had done it. However, also not totally sure if I was that romantic crazy!

In reply to her email I told her that it was in fact down to me and that I had done it in order to gain "closure" haha what an idiot! In truth it had nothing to do with closure - although I longed for some - and everything to do with still being madly in love with her, but I couldn't tell her that now could I? She had already moved on and was happy with another. So instead I told her that it was done in search of closure.

However, although it wasn't for closure, I now realise that it was a bit selfish! At the time I didn't realise how intrusive it was. I didn't think about my ex having to see it everyday. & so I just hope that when she does sees it, it makes her smile - laugh at what an idiot I am - and if she ever finds herself feeling down and alone, she can look at it and know that - whatever the future holds and wherever it takes us - somewhere in the world there is someone who will always think that she is a truly wonderful human being.

And so as late a gesture as it was - I should have done it when we were still together. When it would have been a nice romantic gesture - and as much sadness as is connected with it (it was done when I was still utterly heartbroken). This image was created in love and done for romantic reasons and so I think that it is wonderful and quite fitting that people are now using it as part of their 'big day'.

ps. Does this make me a famous street artist now? Some people are calling me the new Banksy - ok so no that was just me to all my friends - and I heard that The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are thinking of putting up a piece of perspex to protect it! Ok so that's not true either, simply a rumour I'm starting myself haha but still, this image would appear to be getting more love than most of the things I write. Maybe I should be thinking about a change of career?

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