Friday, 29 August 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

There has been a lot of negativity around the whole Ice Bucket Challenge phenomena. 

It wastes water! Yes it does. I don't have much of an argument against this. It wastes a lot of perfectly good, clean water when there are millions of people around the globe without access to clean water. This is obviously not good. When I did it I used water from the swimming pool which is slightly better than from the tap maybe? And I'm sure lots of other people have found ways to try and get around this by using sea water or rain water etc? 

People are also complaining about the fact that lots of people are just joining in for the fun of it and are not donating. Well firstly the challenge element makes donating money fun. I think that should be applauded. After all raising money is one if the main motivating factors behind the whole movement and people are more likely to donate if doing so is fun. 

But lots of people aren't donating. Which obviously isn't good. It would be so great if everyone who takes part donates. But this will simply never happen. Some people can't afford to, some people don't want to or can't be bothered to or etc etc but at the end of the day some money is being donated and some money has to be better than no money? By the way that some money has been estimated at already being more than $100 million! 

Another excellent thing to come from all this is that whether people donate or not it is raising awareness for a great cause! Yes I'm sure that there are plenty of people who have taken part or watched videos of their friends taking part who still have no idea what it is all supposed to be about. However, there are also a hell of a lot of people - like myself - that now know a lot more about ALS, Lou Gehrigs or Motor Neurone Disease (how is it that people know so little about something with so many names?) than then did before. Which can only be a good thing!

Now I won't attempt to ply you with info about ALS but if you want to find out more you know what to do - Google it! 

So here it is, my ASL Ice Bucket Challenge:

You can see it HERE!

Thank you Craig Douglas for my nomination. Challenge accepted. And I nominate: Sophia Mertins, Aki Schilts & Leah Gasson you have 24 or 48hrs - depending on what rules you are playing by - to complete the challenge.

Make sure that you do, let's raise money and awareness and why not read up on ALS a little while you're at it. 

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