Thursday, 24 July 2014

Film premiere

So this time last week it was the premiere for my short film Letters.

There weren't any red carpets, paparazzi, autograph hunters or desperate fans waiting outside in the rain all day just to get a glimpse of their favourite stars.

No it was a pretty low key event but it was a massive milestone for me personally and therefore pretty great!

I met my parents after work:

They came down especially for the screening.

I met them at Bills in Angel:

So that me and me mum could get our now somewhat traditional - and damn tasty - fish finger sandwich:

And then we made our way rushed like crazy fools to the Stow Film Lounge in Walthamstow where some friends, including Sophia (who helped produce), Ed (who plays the lead role of Malcolm) and his mum, the people from Apex Arts (who funded the film) and a couple of randomers waited to start the film.

It was so amazing to watch the film on the big screen:

Unfortunately I was too busy watching the film to remember to take any proper photos of the event but never mind. It would only have taken away from the experience anyway.

After the film there was a short Q&A with yours truly about the making of the film which of course I enjoyed very much. Talking about myself in front of other people has to be one of my favourite things to do haha

And then at the end of the Q&A the wonderful people who run the brilliant Stow Film Lounge suggested that with my permission they would like to show my film again as part of the upcoming commercial season! I don't have any details on this yet but I'm sure it's unsurprising to say that I'm feeling pretty excited about more people seeing my little film on the big screen!

Then as my parents headed to the train station to make the trip back up to North Wales, I headed to a nearby pub to talk about the film and about films in general with a couple of my friends Kev and Dom.

It was a great evening. The highlight of which was definitely seeing MY film on the big screen. Crazy! Hopefully there will be more of that to come in the future? But for now it's time to keep my fingers crossed that it's picked up by festivals, send it to further festivals and continue to look for funding opportunities for my next film project (if you see anything please let me know). Onwards and upwards!

& Happy Filmmaking :)

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