Thursday, 13 March 2014

Short film (an update)

The making of Scrabble is on the back burner!

A little while ago in a post called Short film I talked about my plan to make at least one short film this year. I talked about a film idea I had called Scrabble. I had applied for funding for the film but unfortunately I didn't get it.

However, from that application I was told about another funding possibility. It was called the Hitchcock Production Fund (which has been run by Apex Arts since 1996). I applied for this one too and last week something truly amazing happened. Something that made me smile like I haven't smiled in a long time. Something that made me throw my arms up in the air and wiggle them around in a strange, unrhythmic manner because I just didn't know what to do with myself. IT WAS JUST THAT GOOD!

You've maybe worked it out by now? I received an email telling me that my application for the Hitchcock Production Fund had been successful!!! There were 16 applications and only one award for £2000 - which I will be receiving (to make a film of no more than 10mins). I was so excited I wanted to tell everyone and blog about it right away. However, I was a little worried that it might fall through for some inexplicable reason. So I decided to wait until I had actually signed the contract and it was all there in black and white and was 100% definitely going to happen. However, even though that hasn't happen just yet, I couldn't wait any longer. I just got too impatient :)

This has to be about the most exciting thing that could happen to me at this moment in time. In only a couple of short months I will be able to call myself Anthony Hett - Writer/Director haha I'm so excited!!! Can you tell?

Now at the top of this blog I said that Scrabble is on the back burner and I say that with good reason. The brief for the Hitchcock Production Fund was to write a film based on "News from Nowhere". & although Scrabble kind of fits in with this - as it is about a woman suffering with Dementia - I had another idea I was "working" on called Letters (working title) which was the perfect fit!

The film is about the relationship between an old man and a young postman who brings the old man a weekly letter from his daughter. Each week the old man invites the young man in for tea and cake and so a close friendship begins. Well that's the back story anyway. The film is actually about what happens when the young postman finds out that the old man has unfortunately past away. I won't tell you anymore, as I don't want to give too much away before you get to enjoy watching it :)

But there it is! I WILL be making at least one short film this year - although I actually plan to make three. I have two and a half scripts written and so it's more about finding the funding, cast and crew etc but come this time next year I plan to have three short films made - which I will have entered into festivals and competitions etc - and I will be working towards getting the right backing for a full feature idea I have (again I have three ideas. I know which one I want to be my debut full length film but lets see what happens).

Keep those fingers crossed for me :)


  1. Well done hetty, super proud of you xx Ps when your famous i would still like to meet Kelly from the stereophonics or marti pellow x

  2. Congratulations. Well done Anthony, this sounds amazing! I do hope you find a location. Look forward to seeing the end product. Louise