Monday, 10 March 2014

Edinburgh Festival

Last week I formally accepted an offer from the PBH Free Fringe for a week long performance run at this years festival (18th-22nd August).

I've been to Edinburgh once before in 2008. Not to perform but on a film and television scheme called 'The Network'. I was there for about 4 days and had a fantastic time. I met lots of great people and managed to make some really good friends, including a couple of people that I'm very happy to have managed to stay friends with (although I don't see them often enough. If you're reading this you know who you are!)

Such a terrible picture! And look how young we all look!
I had a truly great time. As well as meeting lots of lovely people, I managed to pack a lot into a few short days.  There were lots of interesting and informative workshops, I managed to chat up practically every girl I came into contact with - so far from the norm for me and was even successful with the one girl I actually wanted to be - and even took in some shows - some good and some awful. I had such a really great time that I've wanted to go back every summer since but have so far not made it back up. But of course that is about to change.

I did considered taking 'one lump or two' my one man play up last year but for one reason or another I decided against it. A decision I'm still unsure was the right one.

But either way, this year will be the first  - and depending on how it goes. potentially only year - I take a show up to Edinburgh. The thought of taking up the offer was both exciting and terrifying. The terror mostly came from the fact that I don't have a show yet! I have an idea: talk about the Year31Project with the help of a projector, some photos, some video footage, music and a few jokes.

And also from the fact that I don't have any money because although the Free Fringe is a good way to do an Edinburgh show on a tight budget, I still need to find money for travel, accommodation, advertising etc. So it's still not exactly going to be cheap and although I hope to make some of the money back, it's likely that I'll lose the majority of the money I put in.

It's certainly not a money making venture that's for sure but then that's ok because I'm not doing it for the fame and fortune - that would of course be nice - but because it is something that will hopefully be fun, a memory to savour and because it's something I've never done before.

So although I am a little scared and I know closer to the time I'm going to be seriously stressed. Mostly I'm looking forward to it as a challenging and exciting opportunity for adventure. 

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