Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Roller disco

Last week my friend Sophia text me asking if I'd ever been to a roller disco and if it was on the list.

(Kinda) Unsurprisingly the answer to both was no. No I have never been. I've been to the ice disco - and not skated - at Deeside Leisure (North Wales reference) when I was a teenager but no I have never been to a roller disco. Let's be honest it had never even entered my head that I should go to one. I'm not even sure I knew that they still existed. So no, it wasn't on my list but maybe it should have been?

That said my first thoughts when asked if I wanted to go with Sophia, Constanze and Constanze's sister on Saturday night were: I can't roller skate and I'm too old for discos (won't it be full of annoying 16 year olds?). But then I thought: Ok cool, why not!

After all I've never been to one before and I'm trying to do things I've never done.

So I agreed and even got a little excited about it. Here I am on Saturday night outside the disco with Sophia and Constanze.

Here is the only picture I have of the three girls together.

Here's a picture of some roller skates (obviously).

Here are a few more pictures of me looking like Sophia and Constanze's gay best friend (not helped by the fact we were in Vauxhall).

And here's one of me enjoying a nice sit down (boots were hurting a little and roller skating is surprisingly tiring). Unfortunately there are no pictures of me actually skating :( but this is the only time I spent on my arse - I promise!

The people at the roller disco - who I was happy to find were not all 16 year olds. I'd say that on average they were mostly 20-25? Though I'm not very good with ages - were a good mix of people - well most looked like dreaded students but then I probably look like one of those too haha) - who skating wise fell into two main categories:

The people who were really good.

Who fell into two subcategories:

  • good and enjoying themselves 
  •  good and a bit smug and showing off about it.
(In truth I thought they all fell into the showing off category and Sophia thought they all fell into the having fun category - am I always so negative? Nah! They were just big show offs haha)

& the people who were not so good.

Who fell into three subcategories:

  • naturally quite good or had been a couple of times but not good enough to show off just yet. 
  • not very good but were managing to stay on their feet. 
  • spent most of their time on their arse!

Anyone who has every seen me on roller blades or ice skates before will be able to rightly assume that I was in the not so good category. But I wasn't too bad. I wasn't in the "spent most of their time on their arse" group. I managed to stay upright all night. I didn't fall over once!

Ok so going to a Roller Disco was hardly jumping out of a plane (I'm building up to that one) but it was a first and after all that's what the Year31Project is all about. It's not necessarily about doing crazy things like bungee jumps but simply about doing things that I've never done before.

It's about having a fun year. And all in all the Roller Disco was a good night. I don't drink (anymore) but if you do they sell alcohol. Although I'm not too sure if having a drink there is a good idea? Surely skating and drinking don't mix? But it's there if you want it. Also the people are friendly, the atmosphere and the music are fun, you get a bit of exercise and although I think it's slightly overpriced at £15 per person, it's definitely a fun night. So if you haven't already, you should give it a try. The one we went to was at the The Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall.


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