Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Calm Crossing

It's hard to talk about my Year 31 Project without talking about A Calm Crossing.

A Calm Crossing is my attempt to fulfil a childhood dream and swim the English Channel. I'm currently training to be able to attempt the mammoth 21 mile plus swim in the Summer/Autumn of next year. At present I swim 5 times - between 7 to 10 miles - per week which is still a long way off where I need to be. However, I'm making steady progress and I will hopefully be fit and ready to make an attempt in either July or September 2014.

And although I will hopefully be doing lots of fun and interesting things as part of the year long project that is the Year 31 Project: Travelling. Eating exotic new foods. Trying new sports and learning new skills. Nothing will be as important, fulfilling, hard work or as much of an achievement as successfully swimming the English Channel. So wish me luck and follow my journey on my blog: acalmcrossing.co.uk

ps. this is where the journey began: I've decided to swim the channel - I think!

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